Caffé Capri Italia Coffees

Caffé Capri is a brand steeped in Italian tradition, with roots in the coffee roasting business established over 25 years ago. Caffé Capri remains one of the few roasters to still use traditional, time-tested Italian techniques and methods for roasting our coffees.

Our History

Unforgettable taste is what makes our coffee so unique, and consistency is what makes our brand so desirable.  We have maintained the same Master Roaster for over 22 years, so our coffees have maintained the same passion and taste profile for over 20 years.

Award-Winning Coffees

Caffé Capri coffees have quite a legacy of roasting perfection behind them – here are some awards from the Northwest Coffee Tasting to back it up!

"Official Winner - Cold Brew Competition, SCAA 2015"

“Best Overall Coffee Award”

“Best Morning Coffee”

“Best After-Dinner Coffee”



189 Liberty Street NE, Salem OR 97301

We are located at The Reed, a must-see historic building built in 1870, housing an eclectic variety of shops, restaurants and services.